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Adventure in Meghalaya
Caving in Meghalaya
The deepest and longest of the caves in South Asia are located on the hills of Khasi Hills. Every year expert cavers from all around the world explore the hills of Meghalaya, to find new caves and map them. Some very large caves with beautiful formations are well mapped and are closeby, with good accessibility. Caves are located in almost all the districts of the state that add to the abundance of natural beauty of Meghalaya. This state probably has more caving potential than any other state in India. These caves mainly stalactite and stalagmite caves of various formations, are truly nature's gift and wonder. Select
& venture - Siju, Mawsmai, Mawsynram, Syndai - only to name a few caves. Regarding visit to the caves, we shall be in a position to coordinate such visits with an organisation that has taken a study on the caves of Meghalaya known as Meghalaya Adventurous Association whose address for correspondence is as follows:
Trekking in Meghalaya
The beautiful hill slopes of Meghalaya are ideal for trekking. Trekking between villages of colourful hill tribes is also very interesting. The trekking potential in Meghalaya is unique, in the sense that terrain is rugged like in Himalayan areas but with the advantage of not being snowbound.

Boating in Meghalaya
The Water Sports Complex has been developed upon the mighty reservoir of the Umiam Hydro Electric Project, at Umiam, 16 kilometres before reaching Shillong. The campus consists of a beautiful Orchid Lake Resort and the Nehru Park. Besides, it offers a wide choice of exciting water sports activities with row-boats, paddle-boats, cruise-boats, sailing-boats and water-scooters.
Meghalaya Camping & Biking
Meghalaya is also an ideal location for biking and camping holidays.
Golfing in Meghalaya
Golf: Shillong Golf Course is referred to as the "Gleneagle of the East" at the United States Golf Association Library and Museum. This museum, which happens to be the largest of its kind in the world, exhibits the only piece on display from India as that of the Shillong Golf Course.

The site where the Shillong Golf Course is located, provides a scenic view. Developed in 1898, as a 9 holes course, it was later converted to 18 holes in 1924, by Capt. Jackson and C.K Rhodes - both did a remarkable job in preserving its natural beauty and carved out the cost amongst pine trees. It is the third oldest golf course in India and was first surveyed in 1933. Since then, no major modification been carried out over it.

The location and setting on this course are amongst the best found in the country. With the implementation of the improvement plans, it could develop into a top class facility and provide much relief to both the golfing population and the tourism industry.

The other general information on the Golf Course is as follows:

Address: Shillong Golf Club, Polo Grounds, Meghalaya
Year of foundation: 1898 - 9 Holes,1924 became 18 Holes Course
Altitude: 1,496 metres from the sea level
Open: Round the year
No. of holes: 18
Distance Ladies: 5,321
Distance Gentlemen: 5,873
Par: 70


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