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Adventure in Tripura
Ujjayanta Palace  
Ujjayanta Palace, standing in the heart of the city, is a famous royal house, covering an area of one sq. km.. Styled in Greek sculpture, Ujjayanta Palace was built by Maharaja RadhakishoreIan Manikaya in 1901 at a cost of 10 lakh of rupees. The palace is set with the huge lughole style gardens, adorned by pools and fountains, the superbly tiled floors, curved wooden ceiling and exquisitely crafted doors. The three storeyed mansion has a mixed architecture with three high domes(the centre one being 86' high). Its well laid out gardens have two large tanks on either side and the fountains are laid out in the patterns of the Mughal gardens. The palace is floodlit at night.
Tripura Government Museum in Tripura  
The Tripura Government Museum in Agartala, Tripura was established in the year 1970. The museum contains some of the rare stone images, old coins, archaeological articles from Tripura. The museum also houses some very exquisite items of stone and other archeological items excavated from the adjoining areas, Bengal Kantha embroidery, sculptures and the 8th-10th century Buddhist sculptures from Pilak. This is the most ideal place to see and know about the culture and tradition of Tripura's past and present. You will also find numerous work of art and architecture, giving you an insight into the ancient Tripura.
Neermahal (Water Palace)
Neermahal located in the north eastern state of Tripura in India is the water palace, built in 1930 by Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya as summer resort is located at a distance of about 53 km from Agartala. Neernahal is one of the best amalgamation of Hindu and Muslim architecture and design.

Neermahal is located in the center of a lake covering an area of 5.3 sq. km. This spectacular monument still reflects the splendour of its past

glory and leaves one spellbound. The well laid gardens and flood lights add colour to the beauty of the Neermahal in Tripura. The palace is encircled by the Rudrasagar Lake, which is visited by a large number of migratory birds in the winter season.

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