BONI TOUR & TRAVELS, Itanagar, WELCOME our guests as God adhering to the great Indian tradition of “Athithi Devo Bhavah!!!”
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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
Q. What is the best season to visit India?
October to March is the best season to visit India, however, for mountains the best season is April to August. Mountains could also be visited during winters for snowfall.
Q. Why should you deal with us?
Because BONI TOUR & TRAVEL is a well reputed company and having experienced in handling tourist. BONI TOUR & TRAVELS has the offices in Itanagar. The company has their sub agents all over North East India.
Q. Do You have Interpreters ?
Yes, We have well trained Interpreters and tour guide majoring more then ten languages such as English, Italian, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Korean etc. These tour guides are freelancers approved by the Ministry of Tourism - Government of India.
Q. What are the transportation facilities in India?
Intercity transportation can be done with Domestic Airways, Jet Airways and Air Sahara (Please check the AIRLINES page), Vast network of Indian Railways, and Road transfers by private cars, private buses or state transport buses. Private buses offer good variety of services where you have got choice of Non-Airconditioned and Airconditioned 2 x 2, Coaches.Also available are Micro Bus, Toyota Qualis, Tata Sumo, Medium Cars like Ambassador, Indica etc and also Deluxe Category cars like Mercedes, Ford Ikon, Honda City, Opel Astra etc.(please see OUR TRANSPORT page).
Indrail Passes: The Indrail pass is "As You Like" travel ticket exclusively for foreign tourists and Indian Nationals residing abroad. This ticket allows passengers to travel wherever they want, within a specific time period, at an all-inclusive fare. The Indrail Pass can be paid only in US Dollars or Pound Sterling. · These Passes enable the tourist to enjoy unlimited travel on Indian trains within the period of their validity. A tourist travelling on Indrail Pass is exempted from paying reservation fee, sleeper charges, supplementary charges for travelling by super fast trains or for meals provided in Rajdhani & Shatabdi Express trains. (Subject to various conditions.
Q. What are the accommodation facilities in India?
Good quality Hotels and Resorts in various categories like 5 star, 4 star, 3star , Heritage etc., both from individual ownership to renowned Hotel Chains. Some of the cities have tourist apartments also. Please note that the usual check in & check out time for the hotels is 12:00 Noon. A room can accommodate a maximum of 3 Adults OR 2 Adults and 2 Children (Double Occupancy Rooms).
Q. How do I make the payments?
A. If you are tourist from outside India, we prefer receiving a bank transfer to our account.
Q. What if I fall sick on the tour?
You are responsible for ensuring that you are in a fit and healthy enough condition to travel. Your Travel Insurance MUST cover you for Medical emergencies. We will ensure you are referred to the nearest Hospital/Doctor should you fall sick while travelling with us. If you suffer any allergies to food or any other things please inform us in advance. You must also carry the required medication in case you suffer from any allergies. There are state-operated facilities in all towns and cities and private consultants and specialists in urban areas. We also hope you will take the right precaution against food (especially hot spicy food) and drinks in a foreign country. For people with delicate digestive systems it is advisable to drink bottled mineral water, this is widely available.
Q. Telephone/Communication Facilities are not good or easily accessible
Fax / Telex / Telegram: International 24-hours service from large hotels and telegraph offices in major cities.
Telephone: Telephone calls to most countries are now direct. There are telephone facilities between most of the cities and towns. The international direct dialling code for India is +91 . There are Public Telephone booths in all big cities and towns and even in most small ones. However In remote areas these may be few and far between. Internet access is also available in most big cities and towns.


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