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Fair and Festivals of Assam

The Festivals
Assam is a land of fairs and festivals. Most of the festivals celebrated in Assam have their roots in the diverse faith and belief of her inhabitants, but a spirit of accommodation and togetherness characterizes the celebration of all festivals. The perfect fusion of heritage of her numerous races has made Assam the home of the most colorful festivals which are passionate, compelling and mesmerizing reflecting the true spirit, tradition and lifestlye of the people of Assam.

Time: April
Duration: Five Days  
Location: Bihu, Assam

The Bihu festival is celebrated by all Assamese people irrespective of their caste, creed, faith. religion and belief. There are three Bihu festivals celebrated every year known as Rongali, Bhogali and Kangali.
The most important of these is the spring festival "Bohag Bihu" or "Rongali Bihu" which is celebrated in April. This festival also initiates the starting of agricultural season.

There are dances which are performed on the beats of Dhol and Pepa (buffalo hornpipe). These dances are performed by young boys and girls which are characterized by brisk stepping, flinging and flipping of hands and swaying of hips which represents youthful passion.

The "Magh" or "Bhogali Bihu" is a harvesting festival which is celebrated in the month of January. This festival includes community feast, buffalo fight and other entertainments. Tribal groups like the the Misings, the Deoris and the Morans celebrate "Bihu" with dances of their own distinctive style.


Time: November
Duration: One Day
Location: Jorhut, Assam

Tea festival is celebrated in Jorhat in the month of November every year. This festival is about tea, music and being merry. There is an atmosphere of festivity with traditional hospitality, tea garden visits, jungle safari, golf, local cuisine, rafting in rivers, shopping and other cultural activities.

Time: Mid-April
Duration: Seven Days
Location: Assam

This is the most fascinating spring festival of the Deoris of Assam, who are believed to have been members of the great Boro race. 'Bi' means extreme and 'Su' means 'rejoicing' like other Springtime tribal festivals.

Bohaggiyo Bishu is also observed during mid-April at a stretch for seven days with unrestricted joy and merrymaking. It is said that the Deoris Bishu do not always fall on the Sankranti Day. The Bishu must be preceded by a 'Than puja' and evidently it must start on a Wednesday. There is much socio-religious significance for this festival and arrangements are to be made before the puja. Once in every four years a white buffalo is sacrificed which is considered a substitute for the traditional human sacrifice. The Deodhani dance is the most important and significant part of the festival. The main attraction of this festival is Husori or carol song party.


Time: November
Duration: Four Days
Location: River Luit, Assam

Majuli festival is celebrated in the month of November every year and lasts for four days. This festival is celebrated on the bank of river Luit which is located in a backdrop of immense scenic beauty.

he assemblage and assimilation of all ethnic groups under the same sky, retaining their respective individual and traditional cultural entities is a very striking phenomenon that easily attracts the visitors to this island. Majuli has the charm to beckon the tourists unraveling itself as paradise on the earth.

Extinct species of various migratory birds are found in Majuli which creates an environment of bird sanctuary. Special events are organized during the festivals days round the clock. Cultural programs are also organized with the participation of various traditional and classical cultural troupes of Assam and troupes from rest of the country, in addition to rich cultural heritage of Majuli. Exhibition demonstrating various Assamese products specially designed and prepared by experts artistes highlight traditional glory of Majuli too. Assamese and tribal dishes of Majuli along with food festival are also offered. This festival will definitely make you reach a desired destination for adventure and spiritual tourism.

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