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Fair and Festival of Meghalaya

The Festivals
Festive celebrations in Meghalaya vary according to the region and tribe. Festivals, apart from those of the Christian faith, are held annually.. Meghalaya is so rich in its culture that the regional separations also see difference in festivals. The three main hills of Meghalaya namely Garo Hills, Khasi Hills & Jaintia Hills have their own distinct festivals.

Garoga Wangala: This week long festival is celebrated to mark the yield of godd harvest annually in the month of November. Performed in honour of 'Satyong', the God of fertility, "Wangla" means dance of Hundred Drum festival and people dressed in their colourful costumes dance to the beat of traditional drums.

Doregata Dance: This dance form reflects the happy and simple life of people. Women folk try to knock off the turbans of their male counterparts using their head. If they succeed, it is followed by peals of laughter.

Chambil Mesara : This is a solo dance-form in which the performer dangles a pomelo on a cord tied to his waist and then hurls it around without any perceptible movement of the hips. Expert dancers can hurl two separate fruits hung on a cord.

Nongkrem Dance: Held annually during October/ November, at Smit, the capital of the Khyrim Syiemship near Shillong, this festival is celebrated to offer thanks to the almighty God for good harvest, peace and prosperity of the community. goat sacrifice is offered by the devotees. The dance is performed by all.

Shad Suk Mynsiem: This thanksgiving dance festival, which means dance of the joyful heart is held in Shillong in April and lasts for three days. Men and women attired in traditional fineries dance to the hypnotising music of drums and the flute.

Behdienkhlam: This festival is celebrated annually as an invocation to God to seek his blessings for a good harvest. It is celebrated in July after the sowing is complete. Young men make a symbolic gesture of driving away of the evil spirit, plague and pestilence by beating of the roof of every house with bamboo poles.


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