The erstwhile princely state of Manipur is a jewel land with its bounteous vistas of untrammeled beauty and ancient traditions .The word “Manipur” is being derived from the two Sanskrit Words “ Mani and “Pur “ which literally mean, the “The Land of jewels’’ or “A Jewelled Land’’ is one of the most beautiful places of earth. It is described as the “Jewel of India’’.

Nature has blessed Manipur with everything unique and charismatic, be it the floating marshes of the keibul Lamjao National park or ‘Sangai’ – the dancing deer of Manipur, enchanting hills of Siroi Lily, lushy green forests or rarest fauna, majestic rivers or the beautiful loktak lake, wonderful island and all these studded with a very favorable and pleasant climate makes the state a nature lover’s delight. Moreover, the simplicity, humbleness, culture and tradition of the people of Manipur add a grace to this fascinating state. And above all , the rich folklore of Manipur with vibrant steps, colourful attires and melodious music add a magnetic charm and create a magical ambience, which compels everyone to say that truly it is “A Little Paradise On Earth “.

The beautiful state of Manipur is situated in the northeastern frontier of the Indian sub-continent. It covers an area of 22,327 sq. km. It shares its international boundary with Myanmar in the east, which also lies to its south along with Mizoram. It is bounded by the Cachar district of Assam in the West and to its north lays Nagaland. The Manipur enjoys a very pleasant climate, which is neither hot nor cold and thus make this land, a suitable place for healthy living. The state is blessed with a wholesome climate from sub-tropical to temperate.