Nagaland is originally a tribal state covering an area of 16,527 sq. km. It has a rich oral tradition, which has been handed down from generation to generation, as if the nature was in its full moon when this landscape was created. It is a land of song and music where you can hear folk songs praising the brave deeds of ancient warriors and folk heroes, love songs immortalizing tragic love stories, gospel songs and modern tunes.

It is also well proved by the beauties which compiled together to make Nagaland a dream project – high mountains , grassy plains, murmuring streams, colorful rainbow and the sun peeping through the clouds are all spell bounding. Though being the pride owners of this charismatic land, the people here are humble, simple and very down-to-earth. The land, which encompasses within itself so much beauty, has rightly been called as the “Switzerland of the East’’.

The magical valley of Nagaland is situated in the eastern side of the Indian sub-continent. Nagaland shares it borderlines with Myanmar (Burma) in the east, Arunachal Pradesh and parts of Assam in the North and Manipur in the South. The state is blessed with a salubrious climate throughout the year and one can visit it anytime and have a pleasant holiday destination. For the adventurous and the intrepid, Nagaland is an ideal place for trekking, jungle camping and offers limitless exploration possibilities in its lush and verdant sub-tropical rain forests, which are also a treasure trove of a plethora of medicinal plants.